Inglés Técnico para Administradores

Este es el blog para estudiantes de la clase de Inglés Técnico para Administradores. Aquí encontrarás el programa de estudio de la clase, y el material que se utiliza en la misma (no todo). Si faltas a clases aquí encontrará una parte del material que se utilizó en esta. De todas formas es importante que revises siempre este blog.

Friday, March 25, 2005


DON'T include personal information such as:
• Your age
• Your marital status
• Your children's ages
• Your problems finding a job
• Hard-luck stories
• How difficult your life is

DON'T include details about your physical shortcomings such as:
• Any disabilities
• You can't drive
• You've survived some trauma
• How you've been victimized

DON'T include details that show you in a bad light such as:
• Any type of negativity
• Self-ridicule
• That you've never had a job before

DON'T include your height, weight or photo (unless this information is specifically requested by a prospective employer).

DON'T ramble on about how much you used to make in your past jobs.

DON'T mention family members and their employment or interests.These are some of the important points you should always keep in front of you.

These are rules you must stick to closely.